Sharpening your persuasion game

Photo by Isaac FIgueroa on Unsplash

I’m no master persuader. But I no longer wait for someone to hand me the authority to influence. I look forward to getting buy-in as an opportunity, not an obligation. And that makes the experience fun.

Yet, for years, it was nothing like this. I whined, I whinged. I wondered if the world was against me.

What was holding me back for years? And what changed?

👉I found an internal champion within my organization to push my idea forward. An internal champion is someone influential and with credibility to push the change forward.

👉Take your stakeholders into confidence early. Don’t spring change up on them in a group setting. Talk to them before, listen to their reservations, makes changes to address them, and by doing all of this, earn their trust.

These two steps made for a good start for me. They can for you as well.

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Satyajit Rout

Satyajit Rout


I write about decision-making, mental models, and better thinking and things in between